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The 12 signs of the Arabic Horoscope

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If you were born under the influence of this sign, you are moved by a powerful universal ideal of love and beauty. This is a sign of the Arabic Horoscope that has a great vitality, spontaneity, and that can show its value to heroic limits. Those born in this horoscope are intrepid, pioneers, conquerors, adventurers and athletes. They are people with great initiative, capable of making quick decisions that don't let themselves be overcome by doubt and fear.

Their instinct guides them when it comes to taking risks, and they don't know how to dose their energies; they are always willing to spend them if they think the cause is worth it. Those born in this arch are incredibly affectionate since they unite with strength and passion. They enjoy quiet moments, but they can demonstrate a solid base of enormous work and realize large-scale projects. They need to see concrete achievements, because nothing stimulates Nails more than to see real progress in a project and that the fruit of their work is visible and tangible. And they are untiring workers, tenacious, that overflowing energy that seems inexhaustible.

Their potential is ready to surprise themselves, in a state of alert and constant analytical skills. They have a particular gift for capturing different mentalities and adjusting their communication immediately, and can easily get out of the most complex situations. You attract sadness to your soul. Your opening brings relief and comfort.

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Your contact is tender and loving; You know how to protect, you build a cozy nest where life is good. Your world is a cozy cocoon not without fantasy; it is a world from which any hardness or drought is excluded. The dream takes a dominant place. The Sword or Cutlass is a sign of the Arabic Horoscope distinguished by its dignity and its nobility.

You don't lack talent, your creativity is excellent, and you feel the constant need to contribute or create work, becoming an example for people. A bit egocentric, the Cutlass needs to be the center of attention and is aware of the importance of appearance and image, something that usually plays with art. If you're from this Arabic sign you have a great practical sense, your knowledge is precise, and you allow people to trust the results.

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