Astrology for the soul january 13

With a total lunar eclipse in Leo January 21 , and two full moons in your sign March 20 and April 19 , the first half of offers plenty of opportunities for self-reflection. Take an honest look at the groups you associate with: Do you genuinely like them? Can you be yourself around them?

After all, how else will kindred spirits know where to find you? With Jupiter also squaring Neptune in Pisces January 13, June 16, and September 21 , honesty can be a rare and precious commodity. And in the meantime, you can take comfort in knowing your own worth. Three eclipses in Capricorn solar on January 5 and December 25, lunar on July 16 provide much-needed emotional release, and help you lay the foundations for a more solid support system. From late September through early November, planets moving through your sign will square Saturn and Pluto.

Social conventions may stifle your self-expression—but they can also provide a safe container in which to process complex emotions. Year of Easy, breezy, beautiful Libra… It takes a lot to make you lose your cool.

But with both Mars and Uranus in Aries at the start of , your patience is wearing thin—especially with loved ones who seem not to care how their actions affect you. Be direct about how you expect to be treated going forward… and what your dealbreakers are. So why put up with pointless drama?

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This is a problem-solving year in which you can expect real, tangible results. Advice - take action, plan ahead, seize opportunities. Ruled by Mars. This is a year of completion and transition. It is a time when we need to let go of things that no longer serve their purpose, and hold on to things that have a future. It is a time of cleaning out dead wood, not necessarily for new beginnings. It can be a time when a burden has been taken off your shoulders, and it can be a year of giving of yourself. Advice - let go of things that are holding you back, give of yourself and express your sympathetic, compassionate side.

These lengthy, detailed, and comprehensive reports reveal the themes and circumstances you are likely to encounter in the coming year and are based on your actual birthday, time, and place, as well as your current place of residence. This report also makes a great birthday present—for yourself or others. See a sample of one of these reports here , and find out more information about this personalized birthday forecast here. Please note: we only recommend this report if you know your birth time. We also offer other forecasting reports.

January 13 1973 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

Get your Forecast report here. Back to If Today is Your Birthday. Future Forecast Report. All About Capricorn Capricorn Ascendant. These interpretations are partially based on the Solar Return chart in astrology. Of course, the Solar Return chart is most accurate, personalized, and descriptive, when the birth time and place in addition to the birth date are known. These forecasts also incorporate Numerology and Personal Year Numbers. The individual birthday forecast above is written by Annie Heese and is copyright CafeAstrology. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology.

Since we are still in lunar Capricorn, and this sign does in fact love arduous work, we get an extra boost of will power to do just that! Let me reach out to someone quickly.

Astrology Forecast for January 7-13, 2018

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Astrology for the Soul, July 13, 2016

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January 13 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

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