Virgo horoscope dark side

Sagittarius is very self-righteous and often lack good social etiquette. Capricorns are controllers. They often use people for their own benefit and thrive on gossip and negativity. Capricorns thrive on negativity. They spend a lot of time living in their own heads and seem detached.

They often give good advice but almost never follow it. Pisces lacks direction. They tend to be space cadets and accidentally aloof. Pisces are spacey and aloof. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

Dark Side of You -- Virgo

Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. What type of witch is your sign! Aries are usually hired to do crimes. Virgos often are burglars and hackers. Libras are usually corrupt people. Pisces are mostly in drug-related crimes. Scorpios are contract killers.

The dark side of Virgo. | Horoscope | Virgo horoscope, Virgo, Love astrology

Likes to party, get drunk, stay up all night, cheers to the weekday: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra Likes the beach, sleepin' to the waves, sand in every crevice, sunny days: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Pisces Likes to chill indoors, friends over, watchin' a movie in a dark room: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn. Next time they will buy foods that I like. Your Lilith Sign notes your deepest fears and your 'dark side' or the aspect most do not see of you. Lilith in Taurus: Is often scared of scarcity, has a tendency to 'hoard'.

Has a tendency to indulge with sex and food. Lilith in Aries: These people fear unworthiness and will sometimes act out to assert themselves. They are quite prone to making scalding arguments to preserve themselves. Lilith in Gemini: Gemini often feel deeply toward the feelings and opinions of others, and will often begin casting blame and negativity on others that depict the negative viewpoints on themselves.

They often deal with their problems by thrusting themselves into social life. Lilith in Virgo: Lilith in Virgo are astute perfectionists that fear messing up. They can be hypercritical in the works of others and will often feel that others are hindering their abilities, when it is usually their own criticism causing the sense of lack. Lilith in Cancer: These people are innately clingy but will explain this away at every opportunity. They are deeply afraid to end up alone, but when they see a clingy nature in others, they are often quite deterred.

They do not like to see that desire and codependency in others as it is a factor they detest in themselves. Lilith in Leo: Leo Lilith is afraid to endure change, and often do not want to go through change unless they force it themselves. This is why they often come across as vain -- they will use verbal and mental control over a situation to attempt to solidify it, and will often do this with the opinions of others, vying for their agreement in issues.

This often causes Lilith in Leo to come across as vain. Lilith in Scorpio: Lilith in Scorpio fears loss and will put anything on the line to prevent it. They have 'savior syndrome' and are very often the individuals who try to rescue the 'chronic needy'. This is something Scorpio Lilith needs to work on, as they tax themselves mentally and hold others accountable instead of themselves for choosing to 'martyr. They are also individuals who fear being lied to and will often act in a disruptive way to get the truth, especially when intoxicated.

They must develop the ability to endure the mundane and trust others. Lilith in Capricorn: This sign has trouble being a leader and being a follower. When in leadership they can be abusive or irrational in the position, and when they are a follower, they have a deep-seated fear of not being acknowledged and not being respected.

Virgo Traits

Lilith in Aquarius: This sign fears powerlessness, having no power over their job and creative situation, and having to listen to others without the opportunity to make a rebuttal. This sign will need to become comfortable with the ebb and flow of creativity, must work on stubbornness, and being more understanding. Lilith in Pisces: Lilith in Pisces believe everything comes at a price, and do not believe in random acts of kindness.

They have a hard time trusting people who are trying to give to them out of kindness, as they often expect a negative reaction down the road. This sign needs to work on societal optimism. Lilith in Libra: This sign is afraid of the gray area, and has a nature that lends to them seeing things one way or another, plain and simple. It is important for them to develop a connection with other people and to release their tendency to be extremely critical of strangers, lest they be lonely, which is their ultimate fear.

Lilith in Ophiuchus: Lilith in Ophiuchus are extremely afraid of being held accountable, being held under scrutiny, or being persecuted. The match of two Virgos is the union of two practical minds which means their conversations will be on the same level. Understanding her negative personality traits will help you build a deeper and better connection with her, especially if the two of you are sharing a romantic relationship, friendship, or partnership.

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She often makes things difficult because she overly thinks and worries too much about a simple issue; not yet, her critical behavior towards her surrounding really annoys people around her. Kelsea Morrow has been worked as a staff writer at Jean Fourastie for nearly 2 years. Most of her articles focus on different interesting topics based mainly on horoscope signs.

She does hope the information given here will help all visitors gain clarity into their true selves.

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Legal Ownership

Scorpio's self-criticism will lead to anger or depression. A Virgo-Scorpio relationship will feel karmic, as it provides both signs with the opportunity to investigate the sources of their flaws and work to heal their wounds. This might sound frightening to other signs, but Scorpio has never shied away from the dark. This is a couple who will evolve together.

Virgo Man in Love & Relationships

They might not be together forever, but what they learn from one another will last for the rest of their lives. Goofy, sweet Sagittarius provides levity to serious Virgo. Sagittarius' strong sense of direction makes sure that they value Virgo's attitude and commitment to work, as when Sagittarius is completely tuned into a project, they share a lot of Virgo's ethic.

Both of these signs feel a strong need to rationalize and analyze. Emotionally, this couple will work completely in sync and will usually be in agreement about major life choices. If they aren't, their divergent paths will usually pull them apart.

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A Virgo-Capricorn partnership is fully committed to fulfilling one another's dreams. This is a couple who is willing to work hard to build the life they would like to share together. They view their relationship as a project. They aren't interested in trying to improve or change one another; rather, they channel all of this energy toward improving their surroundings. A Capricorn finds their Virgo lover to be their complete partner in crime, dedicating themselves to obtaining a life of substance. If there is any sign who can understand Virgo's high-mindedness, it's lofty Aquarius.

This fixed air sign is all about what goes on in their head and is completely incapable of pursuing a relationship with someone who doesn't intellectually stimulate them. Lucky for them, Virgo is one of the few signs who can really get into their brain. In fact, Aquarius might even be exhausted by Virgo's capacity for rationalization and analysis.