Pisces man pisces woman sexually compatible

OMG right from the get go, stoned all the time, didn't want to work, laid on the sofa listening to music all day. I had to work, he stayed home with our daughter but pretty much ignored her. I'd come home to VERY wet diapers you could tell she peed more than once.

He would be so stoned he would just let her cry a lot. I know this cause neighbors would tell me!! Well to make a long story short we lasted only 6 years!! But OMG so lazy and way to into the weed. And Pisces are known to be easily addicted to things!! Now I have a sweet Cancer man, very ambitious, very hard working attentive good husband!!!

Yeah I guess Pisces and Pisces aren't a good pair!! I'm a Pisces woman who dated a Pisces man. Great sex but the worst relationship! Pisces and Pisces isn't a good pair. My first husband is a Pisces and so am I; it did not work, he was a cheater, secretive, and just plane cruel.

Pisces and Pisces do not make a good match though the sex was alright it was not enough to keep the marriage out of trouble because he always looked elsewhere for attention. I am a Pisces woman and have been dating my Pisces man for over 4 years. He is without a doubt my best friend and true love. It is uncanny sometimes how well we can read each other and there is certainly no one else who can understand me like him. We plan on being married in the next year or two and I can't wait for our future.

It can work, people! Yes the sex is great, but I feel as though he is my soulmate and one day I plan to marry him. It can work if two Pisces want to make it work. I am a total Pisces.

Hetro male I have known a Pisces woman most of my adult life. A 30 year long story and short version this woman has made positive impact on my life and times of necessary intervention. Forget it.

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It is well beyond that. I'm Pisces man, made myself somewhat a successful businessman. I am pretty ambitious as well. I think I had to overcome my own bad Pisces traits such as laziness and low energy, etc. I'm a leading man in this relationship. We are beyond soul mates, we are meant to be together. It's really freaky spiritual. Word of advise for those who's involving Pisces Pisces relationship, though.

Especially for male Pisces Grow up!

Pisces Woman And Cancer Man

If you can do those, you can be the best man in all 12 signs. Good Luck, my Pisces buddies I've been with my Pisces man for nearly a year now, not without that old essential Pisces drama. Are you being true to yourself? That's the question you must ask. Do not escape which I did by trying to force myself in a relationship that never was.

I lost the love of my life in the process and didn't even know he was gone not Pisces. I guess I hurt him too much. Pisces woman. I dated a Pisces man back in freshman year in college.

Scorpio & Pisces Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

I hate myself all the more because I just cant believe I trusted so blindly. To the post above Similar experience. I got involved with a Pisces man in my sophomore year at college. I gave into his charms and regret it. I've hurt the one person who liked me a lot. He does not even look at me anymore. Forget talking. I've written before in the page. I'll say it again. What hurt me the most that the Pisces man goes about as if nothing even happened. I wish all of this never happened. I miss the love of my life. He did things for me and I didn't even notice it thinking I was in Love.

Pisces men and women are not a good combination. I wish none of this actually happened. Well I'm a Pisces women and I'm in love with a Pisces man. He is eight years older then me which I find not to bad. Our relationship is going well I believe. We have our ups an downs as relationship do have but we compromise and get through it.

Pisces Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

We met each other at work and we hit it off from there. SEX is awesome but we stop having sex for the first part of our relationship so we wouldn't fall into the lust part. That helped out but it was still difficult. I plan to marry this man and he plans to marry me as well. It can work out as long as you both can understand each other and compromise.

Well Im a Pisces women who most of my life have been attractive to Pisces men. The first one I was in a relationship for 8 year and he was 8 years older than I was a real ladies man, player, smoother talker, great sex and a big liar, cheater, lazy. I finally got smart and got rid of him it was not easy he was a stalker.

I final meet my husband who is also a Pisces man who is one year younger than me but he is in total charge. He is my soulmate we have been together for 20 years now and I don't see my self being with anyone else.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Its funny how I can always tell who is a Pisces even in women. Sometimes us Pisces don't get along with other Pisces. I find this with some men who's birthday are very close to mine. Its like we are competing with each other. Now with women who have the same birthday as my or a few day apart we get along great. I've been with a Pisces for almost 4 months and he dumped me because he couldn't take the pressure anymore.

I think im the one scared to love.

Love Compatibility

I think he is cheating on me. I have had a rough something years single woman and a Mom with a son.

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman in a Relationship

He is the only man I allowed to meet my son. I felt he was different from the rest and I let my guard down. We also went to the same high school and graduated from the same class, so there was that bond for me. All I can hope is that he is a good man and I am wrong since I have been cheated on with my last 5 relationships. I have no proof that is tangible that he is cheating on me, just my gut. Which by the way, has never been wrong. But he tells me he isn't and I want to believe him. Rejection is not something I want to feel right now. So I may be in deep denial.