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For an Aquarius, the person born on the first day of the month is untypically predictable, idealistic and sentimental regarding romance.

You still retain the typical water bearer conflicting emotional mix of enthusiasm and doubt but your fear of intimate closeness is far less. This makes you crave oneness and be anxious to please while not totally allowing your heart to rule your head. You will be attracted to others who appeal to your physical tastes and are on the same intellectual wavelength. Friendship is extremely important to you so your chosen soul mate could be a close friend already in your social circle.

In long term relationships your dependable and devoted predictability provides a strong foundation for successful personal unions. You sometimes understand others better than you comprehend yourself so you are likely to put a partner's needs before your own. Any minor health problems experienced by those born on February 1st are more often than not connected to your emotional state. You have a somewhat lackadaisical attitude to your healthiness at the best of times but when upset you can be prone to comfort eating, smoking or drinking too much.

People born on this day tend to trust their instincts regarding their well being rather than getting a medical opinion. Although you are not overly keen on extra exercise it may be beneficial for you as a stress reliever and for relaxation. Taking an increased interest in your physical welfare is recommended. Your main strengths of character are in your strong will, mental quickness and grounded reliable nature.

These characteristics make you determined, enterprising and conscientious allowing you to be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You like to complete things that you have started and will rarely leave anything unfinished. Weaknesses in your personality that you may identify with are your tendencies to be a secret worrier and also a bit too agreeable. As you get to know and understand yourself and your likely reactions the negative parts of your individuality can be easily controlled.

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Being born on the 1st of February endows you with lots of determination and the longing to prove your autonomy and become a success. The goals and plans you make will probably be based upon reaching where you want to be in life. You set yourself realistic aims and you usually stick to them and are not easily deterred by any setbacks or delays. You have high standards and you ordinarily aspire to create a comfortable secure lifestyle from ethical means and hard work. Your dreams could include traveling to foreign destinations and doing something meaningful or charitable that you can be proud of achieving.

As you were born on the first day of the calendar month your date of birth has a specially assigned Root number of One. The keyword for this numerical reference to your birthday is 'Drive' and this pinpoints your ambitious highly motivated streak. The Tarot card associated with your birthday is the 1st in the Major Arcana deck, representing the Magician. This symbolism emphasizes your fine intellect, agility of mind and resourcefulness. The lucky gemstone for February the first birthdays is the red Ruby and it is thought that wearing it could boost positivity, good fortune, courage and health.

The planet Uranus is the recognized primary astrological influence on all Aquarian personalities giving you your originality and inventiveness.

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The actual day you were born, the first of February is governed over and influenced by the Sun. These 2 celestial bodies and their combined cosmic governance help form your unique traits and original ways of thinking. Your honesty, intuition and determination allow you to find good pathways and make positive progress in life. You may however need to learn to be a bit more patient and take your time with decisions and agreeing to things as you can sometimes do these in haste without enough thought.

Finally, for people born on February the 1st, a pertinent helpful thought is to try and study and know yourself as well as you do others. Birthday Horoscope February 2nd, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on February 2nd. Birthday Horoscope February 3rd, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on February 3rd. Birthday Horoscope February 4th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on February 4th. Birthday Horoscope February 5th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on February 5th.

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What is the popular baby name on 1 Feb ? There can be nice results in competitive activities, including sports and business, for example. This is a powerful time for connecting with others and sharing common goals and pleasures. You are both inspired and responsible at this time in your life. Some areas of life are growing exponentially.

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