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Under the Indian legal system, any person can challenge a court decision in a higher court. An astrologer, Suresh Kumar Kaushal, has also filed a petition against the high court decision, arguing that if gay sex is legalised, "tomorrow people might seek permission for having sex with animals".

Originally published as Gay sex 'a disease, can be cured by yoga'. Personalise your weather. This was a remarkable shift.

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Petitioner No. Petitioners No. All these petitions, being heard together, not only make for a stronger case but also assert that there is an LGBT community out there.

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As a result, the issue now is more than just sex. It is also about rights — the right to freedom of speech and expression, the right to legal equality, the right to life and liberty. Safeguarding the fundamental rights of every single citizen is the constitutional duty of the Supreme Court.

This right is enshrined under Article 32 of the Constitution which B. The present legal challenge against Section is appealing to the heart and soul of the Constitution for a legal status equal to that of other Indians. The issue is no longer just the harassment by cops. The issue is the recognition of a sexual orientation different from the mainstream.

The change from Naz to Navtej Singh Johar, from PIL to writ petition, from sex to legal status, from privacy to non-discrimination is a powerful change with a long-term impact.

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The Supreme Court has already indicated it will read down Section , but the judgment will definitely be used to mount further legal challenges. Apart from this there is no good lagna during the day….

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The star of constitutional duties and judiciary Jupiter is very well placed, as is the star of the Executive i. This would enable her to express her views fearlessly. She will also speak publicly on religion.

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