Gemini love match horoscope

Both signs are active and like to have fun! They both enjoy constant stimulation and love to try new things.

Gemini Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

Aries is much more competitive than Gemini. Both signs are independent and prefer that their partners not be clingy or too possessive. Both signs are very passionate, so they match up on a sexual level as well.

Gemini and Aries both have problems with procrastination so there's a danger with neither of them completing projects that have lost their gleam. If they don't get on each other's nerves, a romantic partnership could last for a while; if not, less might be more, and these two would do better as friends. It's not that Taurus isn't smart — they are, but they tend to take a little longer to thoroughly process, and by then Gemini has moved on.

Gemini's struggle with commitment and keeping promises will definitely annoy Taurus. Plus, Geminis like to talk things out and sometimes Taurus just wants to be by themselves and chill for a little bit. However, the pair of them would make the best hosts at a party as they're truly at their best with Gemini's social skills and Taurus' gift for making an entrance.

Two Geminis together is definitely 10x the fun. There will be a lot of laughs to be had with these two, and finally, each will be able to say that they found their conversational equal. As long as things stay easy and light, these two will be a great match. The problem is that when difficult things come up as they do in all relationships and there will be no one there to stay and fight for the relationship; they'll both be ready to give up.

Working on a relationship isn't fun and it certainly doesn't have any instant gratification, so either one or both of these Geminis will probably prefer to let things go. If they somehow find their way back to each other, they'd be best friends forever. Gemini and Cancer's compatibility is best as parent and child.

The Signs and Love

Cancer has a lot of love and nurturing to give, and Gemini is happy to be cared for. The issue is that if their relationship becomes romantic, there's only so long that Gemini is going to be able to commit to it. Once they get bored, they're going to be gone before Cancer can even start to process the end of the relationship. Cancers tend to be somewhat clingy and possessive , and that can be trying for a Gemini. Geminis like to be in the here and now, and Cancer has a fondness for reliving and revisiting the past, which could cause some tension in a relationship between the two.

Cancers tend to act from the heart, and Geminis tend to act from the head, so both would need to make a huge effort to see the perspective of the other one.

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Gemini and Leo would probably have an almost instant attraction and appreciation for each other. They both come to life around other people, they're both captivating and fun, and both love drama and vibrancy, even when they have to bring it themselves. However, Leo is more grounded and stable than Gemini. Geminis like a lot of variety and tend to be constantly searching for their life-path, whereas Leo is solid, determined, and knows exactly what path they're headed on.

Creativity is important to both of you, and you can find success and long-term happiness by working together in the arts -- either visual arts, music, or writing. If you moved in together, your living space would have an air of sophistication and harmony -- just like your relationship. In time, though, you should be able to find a middle ground between mental and physical attraction.

Things are never dull with an always-inventive Scorpio, and your flirtatiousness arouses a sensual and playful charm within Scorpio.

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility: The Healer and the Communicator

This may not be a relationship that will last forever, but while it lasts, it will definitely be an exciting and passionate love affair. You find it easy to be open-minded with a Sagittarius, and their knowledge of the world around them excites you. Together, you are a bright and cheerful duo with long-term potential.

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  8. Your Capricorn is steady, conservative, and not so into lighthearted banter with strangers. If you can influence your Capricorn to lighten up the load of every day life with good cheer and enthusiasm, and your Goat can teach you to be more practical and help you organize your life, you might just have the key to long-term happiness. You love to talk about almost anything, Gemini, and probably know a little bit about practically everything.

    Your Aquarian, however, knows everything about everything.

    Although the two of you love to debate and discuss, you have very different communication styles. Yours is more flexible, while Aquarians can be more rigid. You have a persuasive affect on your Aquarius, and may be able to convince him or her to delve into unusual topics like outer space or science fiction.

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    You have a strong friendship, but physical attraction may not happen right away, or at all. You just love words, ideas, and verbal communication, Gemini. Gemini woman - information and insights on the Gemini woman. Gemini horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Gemini horoscopes. Gemini history - the history of Gemini and the stories behind it. Gemini symbol - images and interpretations of the Gemini symbol and ruler.

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