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Kapiel Raaj on Career and Vedic Astrology (Magazine Release July 7th)

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The Science Of Vedic Astrology

In this article, Dr Nemani writes about astrological principles that indicate child mortality. In modern times, marriages are failing. The failure rate is growing at an enormous rate. However, if you take a look at the traditional cultures across the world, the marriages are strong, the couples are happy and prosperous, and their children turn out to be strong and healthy. This was because, most traditions around the world consulted their local astrologers, matched the horoscopes, under took appropriate remedial measures in case of any evil influences of planets.

Gemstones is a common remedial measure for many adverse influences of planets. Dr Chandrashekar here writes in detail various gemstones and how they can be used to manage crisis in a marriage. Timing of events is the second most important subject for an astrologer with the first being the fundamentals of vedic astrology.

The big 5 astrological texts address this in some form of the other. This will be very useful while interpreting horoscopes and giving remedial measures. Karakas play a significant role in influencing the results of a house. Why do they do so? As the name suggests, karaka means factor, agent or operator. Planets are assigned various karaka duties by Parashara and Jaimini.

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These are broadly classified into two groups — mundane significate and humane significate. In humane significate, there are again two sub groups — relationship based significate, and role based significate. Vinay explains the relationship based significate, particularly of the 10th house.

Jyotish Sagar Astrology Magazine January 12222

He, as usual, impresses us by researching and evolving the karakatwas relevant to the 10th house, in the contemporary times. He also shows how we can use these Karakatwas to better interpret the chart. Shankar G. Hegde shared vedic astrology Clues for nonstandard married life - inter caste love marriage, premarital affairs, extra marital affairs, multiple marriages, no married life at all and losing the spouse very early in the life.

The new year starts at hrs on April 5, in Ujjain, India.

This is the thirty third Samvatsara and goes under the name Vikari. Vikari means variable ie that which is not fixed. The nakshatra will be Revati — 2nd Pada.

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The ruler of the weekday is the lord of the year. In this case, since the weekday is Friday, the lord of the year is Venus. According to Brihat Samhita, if Venus becomes the lord of the year, the earth is blessed with pregnant clouds. In India, Agriculture will boom, there will be plenty of rains and there will be greenery for a major portion of the year.

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