Astrology february 28 eclipse

Solar Eclipse July — Karmic Clowns. Leah Whitehorse - July 1, Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January — Reframe. Solar Eclipse in Leo August — Telenovela. Solar Eclipse in Cancer July — Bogeyman. Leah Whitehorse - February 14, This is a partial eclipse only visible from Antarctica and small parts of Chile and Argentina.

What Does This Full Moon in Capricorn Mean?

It is number 17 in a series of 71 eclipses belonging to Saros which Read more. Leah Whitehorse - August 18, This is a total eclipse which will be visible across North America and is one of the most talked about eclipses in recent years given the aspects it makes Lunar Eclipse August — Artificial Intelligence. Leah Whitehorse - August 4, This is it! The most anticipated eclipse season for a very long time begins with this partial lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse Remain open-minded about who crosses or re-crosses your path at this time.

This can be taken two ways. For example, you might not feel an instant attraction to someone but they grow on you over time. Or you meet, click, exchange contact details but then things go quiet — only for them to pop up later and then make up for lost time. Explore the new now as when we have planets in our 11 th , the future is set in motion. Our capacity to receive benefits via others is tested and also, set for the coming year. As is the temperature of our social life. See July as an opportunity to strengthen existing connections or else seek out new ones. Yes, in some ways July is a Total Eclipse of the Heart.

But as the heart beats, so the truth around all your ties will eventually come to light. However, with any new connection now — be it just friendship or that new potential love interest, take your time with this eclipsed retrograde weather. And just be aware — if someone comes across as too good to be true — they probably are.

As the Sun enters your 12 th , look forward to some of the confusion clearing. You are now fully in touch with your intuition and guiding insight. Your sensitivity increases with the Sun in here. This is especially helpful when it comes to figuring out whether someone is hiding something or not.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

You will be able to pick up any discrepancy between what they are saying and their body language or aura for example. The 24 th could see a reunion or bring an old friend back into your orbit thanks to a meeting between your retrograde ruler and Venus. This is a wonderful transit under which to revive any kind of connection so you can also use this to follow up with clients and professional contacts as well. People will be open and happy to hear from you — as you will be in return. News that has been delayed could finally arrive with the outcome you were hoping for.

Have you been monitoring this? Venus makes a wonderful angle to Ceres in your 4 th while on the 29 th , the Sun makes an equally striking one to Chiron in your 8 th. Virgo, you should end the month feeling powerful, connected to your passion both spiritually and via what you do, and knowing who you belong with and to in love, work and play. If something is unclear this July, wait for that guiding light or ask for answers. In a nutshell: Focus on the future this month and the people you want to head into it with you, Virgo.

Your ability to receive is being tested. Open your arms and heart and say: I accept. Ruler Venus is in power mode this month as it arrives in your career and reputation setting 10 th.

February 16-28 2017 Astrology Forecast: Spiritual Solar Eclipse

In this film Tess Melanie Griffith is unaware that her conniving boss Katherine played by the incomparable Sigourney Weaver has stolen her idea. Which is what you have this month. Eclipses cover up. As is Tess in the film until she inadvertently finds out what her boss is up to.

How to interpret an Eclipse in your chart

Now I am not for one moment saying your boss is out to steal your ideas. Tess discovers what is going on by listening to a recording. Your best strategy now is to observe and say as little as possible when it comes to career matters. Be professional and act with integrity and authority. Venus in your 10 th enhances your work image. Stick to the subject at hand and above all, avoid joining in office gossip. Whether you realise it or not, you too are being observed now by people in positions of influence and authority such as bosses and higher ups.

Follow up on hunches as they are always our best guides when navigating an eclipse cycle.


History or should I say Her story is your guide too. What is happening now has echoes of the past or links to it. If your gut is telling you that your present situation has echoes of a past one or that you have simply been here before, then look back when trying to plan your next move. This month could reveal or replay events linked back to or even further back depending on your age.

Saturn which rules karma and your 10 th house is conjunct the South Node and on the 10 th , the Sun will conjunct the North Node in your 10 th. We also have entered major retrograde weather with Mercury heading backwards in your 11 th from the 8 th and set to re-enter your 10 th on the 19 th. It does this against a backdrop of major retrograde activity — Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are also retrograde in the sky.

So expect the past to come visiting. Destiny repeats itself until we step free of the cycle.

Solar Eclipse NEW MOON in PISCES February 26th 2017~

Continue to stop, look and listen between the 10 th — 19 th. This Moon can make you feel especially vulnerable emotionally and stir up any insecurities. If this occurs, again, look back as chances are you have successfully dealt with something similar in your past. Intuition and insight as well as those past experiences provide you with answers now.

Good news, real tangible results or a breath of clarity piece of information clears the way around the 24 th when Venus and retro Mercury meet. Again, if you watch Working Girl this is the point where Tess is able to prove how the idea was hers originally and turn the tables on her boss. Sound heavy? Time for a radical change from the third week onwards when the Sun shifts into your 11 th on the 22 nd and you step back into the flow of the future again rather than replaying the past.

Mars in here adds passion to your interactions and also sees you determined to reach those goals. Or do you simply need to supersize it? Mars makes the perfect connection to Jupiter in your 3 rd on the 25 th.