Scorpio horoscope according to indian astrology

Gemini, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn these signs are concerned as powerful signs during night period.

Health according to Scorpio Horoscope 2020

Aries, Gemini, Leo and Virgo signs are concerned as Barren signs. If, these signs are occupied over the 5th house and 5th lord is occupied over one of barren sign too, in debilitate or afflicted position, Native will face various kinds of obstacles in having kids.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces signs are concerned as Mute signs. If, any mute sign is occupied over the 2nd house, its lord is debilitated or aspected by natural cruel and malefic planets. Native may suffer due to speech related diseases.

Scorpio Horoscope and Astrology

Aries, Taurus, Leo are concerned blind as blind sign during the night period. Gemini, Cancer and Virgo signs are concerned as blind signs during the noon period. If these sign are occupied over the 3rd or 11th house and suffered due malefic aspects or conjunctions, native may have ear related disease or deaf. According to Indian Vedic astrology, Sagittarius and Capricorn are concerned as lame signs. Aries, Taurus, cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn these signs are known as Prishthodaya signs in Indian Vedic astrology.

First of all we must know that any astrological chart is divided into 12 parts which are called houses or Bhava.

Barren Signs

The style of drawing a chart may differ but they all have the same 12 houses fixed. Our Services.

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In case you'd fall short of any financial need, your friends are likely to help you out from the difficult situations. Lack of funds is expected to affect your business plans and any investments to be made. Things are expected to improve after August-September.

About Scorpio

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Then you have just come to the right place. Scorpio Horoscope. Free Scorpio Horoscope Jupiter's transit is over your moon sign, and you are under the last phase of Saturn's Sade Sati, both of which results are going to be medium at best. In case you are in a job you might encounter difficulties at the workplace, and working environment would be little hostile. In business, expenditure could rise as compared to Income. Any diversification plans in business could get stalled or slowed down. Avoid any new investments unless it is absolutely necessary.

Financial constraints could be there, but friends are likely to help you. This year could prove to be a challenging year for married couples, but for lovers this year promises marriage. A good year to plan for a child and plan for the addition in your family. It is a good year for students, especially who are preparing for their higher degrees. Traveling for business etc. The health of your mother could be sluggish in this year, so she might be requiring medical attention. Try to avoid unhealthy food and resort to regular exercise to keep a check on your health. Scorpio Love Horoscope, Family and Social Life Jupiter will be transiting in Scorpio Sign over your moon sign, and this is going to be an adverse transit for you.

Understanding the sign of Scorpio in Astrology

Jupiter will be having its aspect on your 7th house house of marriage. Avoid any rash talking with your family members or your spouse, as chances of strained relations are possible if you are not able to control your tongue. There could be dissatisfaction in your marital and love relationship in this period, and the same could affect your work performance also. Jupiter's aspect on the 7th house can give marriage to the people who are unmarried and are looking for their prospective grooms or brides.

This year is likely to provide you with the marriage. For married couples, this is a good year to plan for a child as Jupiter is aspecting your 5th house. For people in love, this year is going to be mixed. Jupiter's aspect 5th house so people looking for romance are likely to find it, but overall relationship is going to be hot and cold, as misunderstandings and ego trips could ruin the relationship.

A great deal of care and patience would be required from you as well as your lover to maintain this relationship for the long term. If you are able to overcome the initial hiccups, then the love life is going to be smooth and could go further from here. Marriage is also on the cards if you are already in a steady relationship for some years.

Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio Education Horoscope and Travelling Jupiter will be transiting in Scorpio Sign over your moon sign, and from there it will be having its aspect on 5th and 9th houses. Students who are preparing for their higher education and degrees will taste positive results this year. This transit is going to give fair results for getting success and recognition in educational pursuits. You are advised to give your undivided attention towards your field of education for scoring good grades.

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  • Students who are not strong in any subject should make sure to take some coaching or external help to improve and overcome their shortcomings.