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Using jyotish jewelry is not essential to a soulmate search but traditional vedic astrology teaches that jyotish can be a powerful technique for increasing and focusing your energies. This information is available from 3rd-party vendors at the links below. SoulmateForMe assumes no liability for problems arising from business with these vendors and provides this information as a courtesy to our clients only.

User assumes all risk and responsibility for their use of this site. Readings and scores are "metaphysical information" for entertainment and amusement purposes only. Metaphysical techniques are disputed by many knowledgeable people in science. If metaphysics has any validity it is but one determinant of overall romantic attraction and compatibility. This list is provided as a courtesy to our clients who assume full responsibility for any business dealings with these vendors.

Soul Mates - Times of India

Ajay has truly been a blessing to our family. We were struggling to conceive for years. The only person who was able to help was Ajay. He suggested that we do a fertility spell with Goddess Laxmi. We admit, we were a bit skeptical at first. But we found out, just three months later that we were pregnant with our first child!

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  4. We are forever thankful. I went to Ajay because I was having some trouble deciding what course I should go on my career path.

    Soulmate Astrology – 5 Factors That Determine Compatibility

    I got a Verdic Astrology reading. Ajay was able to help me troubleshoot where I needed to focus in order to move forward more quickly. He also told me about a job opportunity that would be happening in the future. The whole reading was peaceful, and joyful. It was my first reading, but Trusted astrologer Ajay really made me feel at ease.

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    After the reading, I felt more clarity about the moves I needed to make. I quit my job, and ended up getting a really great job opportunity at my dream company a few weeks later. Ajay is the man!

    Astrology can help you find your true soulmate

    I feel really fortunate to have met Ajay when I did. I never went to a psychic before, but Ajay was recommended to me by a friend. So I gave him a shot. Ajay suggested doing a love spell.

    I decided to do it and I noticed an instant change when I returned home. We argued a lot less. She made herself more available. Go with Ajay. His methods work!

    Indications of Soul Mate - Vedic Astrology

    Toggle navigation Menu. Pandit Ajay Verma is People's choice. You may be millionare. To become billionaire you must contact astrologer.

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